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The inflammation may cause pain and swelling. When the Bike Thrombophlebitis is caused by a blood clot or thrombus, it is called thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis usually occurs in leg Bike Thrombophlebitis, but it may also affect source veins in the arms. There are two sets of veins in the arms and legs, 1 read more superficial veins that run just under the skin, and 2 the deep veins.

Superficial phlebitis affects veins on the skin surface. The condition is rarely serious and usually resolves with local treatment of the inflammation warm compresses and anti-inflammatory medications. Sometimes superficial phlebitis can Bike Thrombophlebitis associated with deep vein thrombophlebitis and medical evaluation may be needed.

Phlebitis in the deep veins is referred Bike Thrombophlebitis as deep vein thrombophlebitis or DVTdeep vein thrombosis affects the veins located deeper in Bike Thrombophlebitis arms and legs. Blood clots thrombi that form may embolize or break off and travel to the lungs. This is a potentially life-threatening condition called pulmonary embolism. Deep vein thrombosis blood clot in the leg, DVT is a Deep venous thrombosis DVT refers to a blood clot embedded Bike Thrombophlebitis one of the major deep veins of the lower legs, thighs, or pelvis.

A clot blocks blood circulation through these veins, which carry blood from the lower body back to the heart. The blockage can Bike Thrombophlebitis acute pain, swelling, or warmth in the affected leg.

Blood clots in the veins can cause inflammation irritation called thrombophlebitis. You are about to visit a website outside of eMedicineHealth. Like Us Follow Us. Must Read Articles Related to Phlebitis. Blood Clots Blood is supposed Bike Thrombophlebitis clot to help repair a blood vessel that is injured. Clots or thrombi become a problem when they form inappropriately. There are a variety o Pulmonary Embolism A pulmonary embolism PE is a blood clot in the lung.

The clot typically comes from other areas of the body and travels to the lung, where it becomes lodged. Phlebitis - Symptoms What were your phlebitis symptoms? Phlebitis - Effective Treatment What treatment has been effective for your phlebitis? Bike Thrombophlebitis - Causes What caused your phlebitis?

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