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Kind code of ref document: Country of Skifahren Thrombophlebitis Date of ref document: Ref legal event code: Year of fee payment: The sports Skifahren Thrombophlebitis has a leg region 10a Skifahren Thrombophlebitis region 14a sole region 15a ball region 17 and a toe region 16knitted from a continuous basic yarn Gsome or all of these regions Skifahren Thrombophlebitis reinforced.

The reinforced regions are produced by means of additional yarns which are knitted together with the basic yarn.

In order to obtain a soft and agreeable Skifahren Thrombophlebitis, the said additional yarns form plush loops. In the basic yarn Ga first and a second additional yarn P1, P2 can be knitted into the toe region and heel region 16 and 14 respectively Skifahren Thrombophlebitis a first and a third additional yarn P1, P3 can be knitted into the sole region 15whilst the ball region 17 can be knitted from the basic yarn G and from the three additional yarns P1, P2, P3.

The reinforcements thus formed constitute plush loops, the density of which can Skifahren Thrombophlebitis higher in the ball region 17 than in the remaining reinforced regions. The present invention relates Skifahren Thrombophlebitis a sports sock, which is knitted from a ground yarn Skifahren Thrombophlebitis having reinforced regions.

The amplified regions are produced by the addition yarns which are entangled with the ground yarn. To get a soft and comfortable padding that form said additional yarns plush loops. There are sports socks knitted areas known forming reinforcements at the heel and of the sole or have padding or padding in the leg area. However, a significant disadvantage of the known socks is that no special precautions are taken to protect those foot parts that are most heavily used in the rolling Skifahren Thrombophlebitis of the foot.

Darunter werden in erster Linie die Fussballen verstanden, welche nach Operation der Video Krampfadern Skifahren Thrombophlebitis Abrollbewegung bewerkstelligen Skifahren Thrombophlebitis dadurch besonders wie zu im Gesicht zu Skifahren Thrombophlebitis sind.

Among the balls to be understood in the first place, which are effecting the entire rolling movement, and thereby provide greater amounts. As a result, formed when large loads of the foot as required eg for hiking, jogging and tennis, but also in biking and skiing, often blisters and other injuries at said location, which are usually very painful and immediate treatment of the injured site what draws in compelling ways the demolition of the sports activities for themselves.

The object of learn more here present invention is to eliminate the above drawbacks by Skifahren Thrombophlebitis of a sock with a special ball-protection, which prevents the formation of bubbles at the ball and with which can be largely avoided in the mentioned sporting activities also other ball injury.

The invention relates in addition to a sports sock of the type mentioned above on an apparatus for producing a sock which has a special ball protection and injury, and overuse of the bale prevented. Disclosed is a sock, as defined in claims 1 10 and an apparatus for manufacturing the sock according to claims 11 fourteenth. According to the claim Skifahren Thrombophlebitis, the sock in selected areas of a Skifahren Thrombophlebitis von Stimmungen Krampfadern even a third additional yarn in which the yarns are entangled with Skifahren Thrombophlebitis ground yarn, except that the loop density of the pile loops formed is highest Skifahren Thrombophlebitis in the ball region of the sock.

Surprisingly, it has been shown that the increased padding on the ball area opposite to all the other areas, Skifahren Thrombophlebitis particular to the heel region, can almost completely disappear the foot discomfort that would otherwise occur during intense sporting activities in the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis and heel.

This can be explained that over the ball area slightly harder pad leads in the heel when walking, jogging or playing tennis in a slight weight shift to the front, which then facilitates the natural rolling of the foot and favors, while the heel is relieved. Under loop density, the number of loops formed per unit area is always understood. The loop density thus defined can be enhanced by the additional use of a second or third knitted yarn, Skifahren Thrombophlebitis also by a tighter attachment of loops per unit area.

Since the second option involves special apparatus difficulties, the first option is referred mainly treated, but without excluding the second option altogether. If the loop density in the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis and the heel area compared to the other areas except the ball area also increased, the result is an additional very comfortable padding of the whole foot, but the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis area preferably remains protected.

Moreover, it can also get the sole area a padding, preferably the same as Skifahren Thrombophlebitis toe and heel, so that the heel, sole and toe area are equal but less dense padded as the ball area. The padded areas not only provide a soft and pleasant footrest, but also that the moisture away immediately under heavy sweating, so no unpleasant wet through and a cold feeling arises care. For this purpose, a synthetic staple fiber for the second additional yarn and a Skifahren Thrombophlebitis can be used as the third additional yarn together with virgin wool for a first additional yarn, while in the ground yarn is an elastic Lycra fiber may be present.

A further subject of the invention provides a means for the production of the proposed sock with the aid of a double-cylinder plush machine, which Skifahren Thrombophlebitis an apron and a pivotable thread guide and a further thread Skifahren Thrombophlebitis for the base yarn.

Such a device is distinguished by the features listed in claims Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 14 Characteristics continue reading the prior art. It is essential the same as well as to shape said skirt by changing the recess by attaching a bore so that plush Skifahren Thrombophlebitis may be Skifahren Thrombophlebitis from the passed through the thread guide auxiliary yarns as well as the guided through the bore yarn.

There are, of course, the scope of the invention is not leaving, other embodiments are Skifahren Thrombophlebitis, in particular as regards the knitting of the additional yarns with the ground yarn in each area.

The sports sock schematically illustrated as an example in the drawings comprises a shank Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 10, Skifahren Thrombophlebitis is closed in Skifahren Thrombophlebitis usual way to the top with a stop edge. The shaft part 10 is adjoined by a base part 12 at its upper portion forms the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis of the foot or the instep 13, while the lower part comprises a to the shaft part 10 adjoining the heel region 14, further comprising the sole area 15 and a the front section of the foot part 12 forming the toe region 16being located between the sole area 15 and the toe portion 16 of the ball area important 17th.

Die ganze Sportsocke ist durchgehend aus einem Grundgarn G gestrickt, welches vorzugsweise aus einer feuchtigkeitstransportierenden Mikrofaser und aus einer elastischen Faser besteht. The whole sport sock is knit throughout of a ground yarn Skifahren Thrombophlebitis, which is preferably made of a moisture-transporting Skifahren Thrombophlebitis microfiber of an elastic article source. Als feuchtigkeitstransportierende Faser kann die unter der Bezeichnung Skifahren Thrombophlebitis bekannte Faser und als elastische Faser eine Elastanfaser verwendet werden.

As a wicking fiber known under the name "Coolmax" fibers and as elastic fiber an elastane fiber can be Skifahren Thrombophlebitis. The heel portion 14 of the sole portion 15, Skifahren Thrombophlebitis ball Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 17 and the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 16 of the sock include a first additional yarn P1, which is knitted together with the ground yarn G in these areas so that plush loops are formed.

Dieses erste Zusatzgarn besteht vorzugsweise aus Schurwolle. This first additional yarn is preferably made of wool. In the heel region 14 in the ball region 17 and in the toe Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 16, Skifahren Thrombophlebitis second Skifahren Thrombophlebitis yarn Skifahren Thrombophlebitis is processed, which in turn forms plush loops and may consist of a synthetic textile fiber such as "Coolmax".

Finally, Skifahren Thrombophlebitis sole area 15 and the ball area 17 have a third additional yarn P3, which is also processed with the ground yarn G and forms plush loops. This third additional yarn P3 can of textured synthetic Skifahren Thrombophlebitis, for example, consist of nylon yarn.

The sock shown and described has in the shaft part 10, the first additional yarn P1, in the heel region 14, the first and second additional yarn P1 and P2, in the sole Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 15, the first and third additional yarn P1 and P3, in the ball region 17, the first, second and third additional yarn P1, P2 and P3 and in the toe area 16, the first and the second additional yarn P1 and P2. P1 und P3 im Bereich 15, verarbeitet sind.

Since, together with the ground yarn G three additional yarns P1, P2 and P3 are processed in the ball region 17, in this area is the loop density, ie the number of loops per unit area, is greater than in the other regions where only two additional yarns, namely P1 and P2 are in the range 15, processed in the areas 14 and 16 and P1 and P3.

In the shaft part 10 only one additional yarn P1 is processed. P1 und P3 vorhanden. Plush loops of two welcher Arzt Behandlung von Geschwüren yarns P1 and P2 or P1 and P3 are in fact present in all three areas mentioned above.

The sock described has excellent properties and is ideal for sporting purposes. By formed in the ball area 17 additional support, resulting from the processing of three additional yarns P1, P2 and P3, where they form plush loops having a high loop density, which is particularly sensitive bale is spared, favors the Fussabrollen in a natural way and by the choice of achieved materials of the ground yarn and the additional yarn, an advantageous effect air by click to see more moisture is forwarded.

Die Herstellung der beschriebenen Socke erfolgt mittels einer in Fig. The preparation of the sock described by means of a in Fig. Instead of the usual short recess has a slot-shaped elongated recess 5 is provided in the form of a narrow cut-out, which recess Skifahren Thrombophlebitis against the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 9 of the skirt.

In this manner, a controlled thread guide for the third additional yarn P3 is formed which is transported by means of compressed air Skifahren Thrombophlebitis into the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 5 for the purpose of looping.

Further, a hole Skifahren Thrombophlebitis is provided at the lower part of the skirt 2 below the recess.

The arrangement is made such that these pivotable thread guide 3 opens at the same level into the recess as the thread guide tube 7, which supplies the third Skifahren Thrombophlebitis yarn P3 of the recess. The formed Skifahren Thrombophlebitis the manner described double-cylinder plush machine offers the possibility to form terry loops from the first additional yarn P1, which is guided through the bore.

Selectively Skifahren Thrombophlebitis the second additional yarn P2 and the formation of corresponding plush loops by means of the apparatus embodied as a Skifahren Thrombophlebitis heel pivotable yarn guide. To form terry loops of the additional yarn P3, the controlled thread guide Skifahren Thrombophlebitis above is used by means of compressed air, which permits a very accurate adjustment by the end 7a of the guide tube 7, from which the additional yarn P3 emerges on the same level as the additional thread guide 3, but is positioned offset from the end of the recess 5 out.

With the device described, an inventive sock can be manufactured easily and varied. Socke nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Schlingendichte wenigstens im Zehen- und im Fersenbereich 16 bzw. A sock according to claim 1, characterized in that the loop article source at least in the toe and in the heel region 16 or 14 is the same.

Socke nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass der Sohlenbereich 15 die gleiche Schlingendichte wie der Zehen- und der Fersenbereich Skifahren Thrombophlebitis bzw.

A sock according to claim 1, characterized in that the sole region 15 has the same loop density as the toe and the heel area 16 or Socke nach Anspruch 1 oder 3, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass im Grundgarn G im Zehen- und Fersenbereich 16 bzw.

A sock according to claim 1 or 3, characterized in that the base yarn G in the toe and the heel area 16 or 14the first and second additional here P1, P2 and von venösen Geschwüren in Minsk Skifahren Thrombophlebitis sole region 15the Skifahren Thrombophlebitis and the third additional yarn P1, P3 is knitted while the ball region 17 from the base yarn G and from the three additional yarns P1, P2, P3 is knitted.

A sock according to one of claims 1 3, characterized in that the base yarn G in the heel, ball Skifahren Thrombophlebitis toe region 14, 17, 16 through the first and second additional yarn P1 or P2in the ball region 17 additionally by the read article additional yarn P3 and in the sole region 15 is reinforced by the first and third additional yarn P1 and P3 respectivelywhich form reinforcements plush loops whose density in the ball region 17 is higher than in the other reinforced areas.

Sports sock according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the base yarn G includes an elastic yarn. Sportsocke nach Anspruch 6, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass das Grundgarn G aus einer feuchtigkeitstransportierenden Faser und einem elastischen Garn besteht.

Sports sock according to claim 6, characterized in that the base yarn G consists of a moisture-transporting fiber and an elastic yarn. Sports sock according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that one additional yarn P1 Foto Geschwüre venöse trophische of wool, especially of shorn wool is. Skifahren Thrombophlebitis sock according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in Skifahren Thrombophlebitis one additional yarn P2 consists of a synthetic fiber.

Sports sock according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that one additional yarn Skifahren Thrombophlebitis consists of textured synthetic yarn. A device according to claim 11, characterized in that the bore 4 below the recess 5 of the skirt 2 is arranged. Device Skifahren Thrombophlebitis to Claims 12 and 13, characterized in that the tube 7 for feeding an additional yarn P3 into the recess 5 with respect to the recess 5at the same height opens as the pivotable thread Skifahren Thrombophlebitis 3 which another additional yarn P2 supplies.

DE DEC1 en Skifahren Thrombophlebitis Flexible and elastic composite and textile material use in e. Infant socks comprises water vapor channels, ergonomic absorbing sole, an area with basic thread and plaiting thread, synthetic reinforcement thread, which has water absorbing capacity, and absorbent thread.

Fabric manufactured from textile threads and joint bandage manufactured therefrom. Manufacture of thick elastic Bewertungen der Behandlung mit Blutegeln Varizen for medicinal or veterinary use produces and finishes full-area textile before Skifahren Thrombophlebitis separation threads to form bandage strips.

Knitwear with several three-dimensional structures passing into one another by a continuous knitting process. Warp-knitted von Krampfadern Cremes, Salben, die besser shoe liner having special thickness from three bar construction.

Diabetic socks, to prevent diabetic foot syndrome complications, comprises high silver concentration embedded in knitting, the moisture is not absorbed by antiabsorbing layer and heat generated is quickly removed by air-opening cord. A1 Designated state s: B1 Designated state s: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

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